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Our counselling service offers exploratory emotional support to women who have been affected by domestic and sexual violence in an intimate relationship. Our counselling service provides support for women aged 16+ across London and is available in English and a range of community languages. All sessions are free and offered during the day or in the evening.

The Counselling Team

Our team of therapists offer long term support at weekly sessions to help women recover from their experiences of trauma. Domestic and sexual violence often causes depression and increased anxiety levels – individual counselling sessions provide a space for women to explore the issues arising from their experience of violence and abuse. Our counsellors work intensively with women to help them recover from the long term impact of emotional and physical abuse and find a more fulfilling way of living.

Many women we work with are dependent on medication, some are suicidal and most take a long time and intensive support to lift them out of depression or reduce their levels of anxiety so that they are able to re- engage in healthy relationships with new partners, return to work or re-establish relationships with members of their family.

Group support is also offered by the counselling service and focuses on confidence building and peer support.