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Family & children’s services

Our Family and Children’s Support service deliver a range of services for families in refuges and living in the community. These services help children explore their feelings about their experience of domestic violence and work towards helping the child and mother recover from violence and minimise the negative impact on their health and development.


Art Therapies Team

Trained art therapists use art, drama and play to help children explore their feelings around the violence they have experienced, understand that they are not to blame and rebuild vital relationships with their mother, carer, peers and siblings. This service can be accessed by mothers and children living in the boroughs of Lambeth, Enfield, Islington, Haringey, Barnet and Camden.


Young People’s Team

Our Young People’s service is a youth led project for young people aged 10 – 21 who have lived with domestic or sexual violence in the home. We offer young people one to one emotional support, regular activities and the opportunity to be part of a young people’s forum. The forums give young people using the service a say in how the service is run, a chance to influence local and national policy and helps to raise awareness of the issues young people face who have been affected by domestic and sexual violence.


Parallel Support Team

Our Parallel Support Programme allows mothers and children to come to terms with the impact of violence on their lives. Group and one to one sessions focusing on games and creative exercises allow children to work through their experiences at their own pace – this in turn increases the mothers understanding of the impact of abuse on her child and on herself. This service is currently only available to women and children living in Southwark.