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Ascent services

Ascent services

Ascent is a project undertaken by the London Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Consortium, delivering a range of services for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, under six themes, funded by London Councils.
Ascent improves service provision for those affected by sexual and domestic violence in London through front-line services as well as support to voluntary and statutory organisations.
The six themes of Ascent:
– Prevention
– Advice, counselling, outreach, drop-in and support for access to services
– Domestic and sexual violence helplines
– Specialist refuge
– Women against harmful practices
– Support services to organisations


Solace’s role within Ascent

Solace is involved in several strands of the Ascent provision including advice, counselling, outreach and drop-in services, prevention work and a specialist refuge.


Advice and Counselling

Solace is the lead partner working with 14 organisations on the Ascent Advice & Counselling Project. All partners have a wealth of experience of working with women and girls affected by Sexual Violence or Domestic Violence. This pan-London collaboration provides specialist and generic counselling and advice services to women and girls affected by gender-based violence, aged 14+. Services include 1 to 1 counselling; 1-1 advice; and a range of group work.

Services operate via 2 London Hubs; 1 in Ealing operated by the Women and Girls Network and 1 in Islington operated by Solace; and from spokes across London boroughs. The hubs provide a first point of phone contact but women and girls can access services via the hubs and/or the spokes. The Hub and Spoke model increases accessibility for service users while mitigating the risk associated with women’s reduced access to services when they cross borough boundaries.

Specialist providers offer services in community languages within target boroughs which can be accessed by women and girls from across London. Legal advice is provided by Rights of Women via a dedicated London advice line, a website and via training and legal handbooks. Women who have no recourse to public funds have access to limited assistance via emergency funds administered by Southall Black Sisters.

For more information about this project email AscentA&C@solacewomensaid.org



Solace is a member of the Prevention project led by Tender. This project works with groups of children and young people aged between 9 and 25, offering interactive, arts-based education programmes in primary and secondary schools as well as out-of-school settings. The project enables young people to understand and identify the key elements of healthy and unhealthy relationships, challenge myths and tolerance towards violence, and identify the early warning signs of abuse in relationships.


Specialist Refuge

Solace is a member of the Specialist Refuge project led by Ashiana. This project provides pan-London, specialist emergency accommodation and support services to vulnerable women and children affected by sexual and domestic violence with mental health needs, problematic substance use and for women exiting prostitution or for those who have ‘No Recourse to Public Funds’. These services provide dedicated, temporary accommodation and work intensively with women to improve their safety and enable them to exit violent and abusive relationships and situations. Solace runs an eight bed refuge for women with complex needs.