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Training Courses domestic and sexual abuse


With over 3 million women experiencing some form of violence or abuse every year in the UK, more and more organisations are looking to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence around engaging and supporting survivors of all ages.

Drawing on over 40 years’ experience providing frontline services for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse, we provide training to professionals looking to develop their practice in responding to women, children and young people affected by these issues.  We also work with companies to help them develop their organisational response to domestic and sexual violence as it affects their staff, recognising the mutual, positive benefits for survivors and the organisation as a whole.

Our training is designed to be dynamic, flexible and responsive to the needs of the organisations we work with. Choose from one of our packages below or contact us to develop bespoke training for your organisation.

For all information and enquiries contact Carrie on 020 3198 4650 or at training@solacewomensaid.org

“Extremely informative, engaging and honest.  I feel empowered to work with a positive focus and greater awareness.” Training participant, Tender

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Our training packages

Domestic Abuse and Coercive Control – Understanding and Awareness (half day)

This course is aimed at everyone working in roles where they may come into contact with survivors, but do not have a direct role in supporting them. Through increased awareness and understanding of the prevalence and dynamics of domestic abuse, and the impact on survivors, staff will have increased confidence in identifying and responding to survivors and signposting them to relevant services.

Supporting Survivors of Domestic Abuse (full day)


Aimed at those working directly with survivors of domestic violence, this course will help build confidence and skills around supporting survivors to make disclosures of abuse, assessing risk, developing safety plans, and deepening understanding of the impacts of domestic abuse.

Domestic Abuse and the Impact on Children and Young People (full day)

The voice of children and young people is often missed in cases of domestic abuse. This course will help practitioners build their skills and knowledge around working with children and young people affected by domestic abuse, both whilst still living in abusive environments and post-separation.  This course includes practical responses for practitioners working with children and young people to help build the confidence to effectively respond to their needs.

Supporting Survivors of Sexual Abuse (full day)

As well as developing knowledge of rape and sexual violence, the course will help participants build the skills to facilitate and respond to disclosures of sexual abuse, and effectively signpost survivors to relevant local services, whilst maintaining professional boundaries.

Understanding & Practising Self-Care (half day)

We are best able to support others when we can support ourselves. This training will develop understanding of self-care, burnout and vicarious trauma.  Participants will learn how to set boundaries, and develop personal self-care plans, with a long-term aim of being better able to support themselves, colleagues and ultimately the survivors they work with.

Domestic Abuse and the Workplace

The workplace has a huge role to play in supporting members of their own staff who have been affected by violence. We offer a range of services, from reviewing policies and procedures to ensure they are supportive to survivors of domestic abuse, to training HR staff to be able to respond to disclosures and signpost to relevant services.

POW (10 x 1 hour sessions)


Protect Our Women is a course for young people aimed at preventing violence against women and girls through challenging gender-based discrimination, social norms and gender stereotypes that perpetuate violence. POW facilitators deliver the course in schools, colleges, youth groups and voluntary organisations all over London.

Skills Sessions (60 – 90 minutes)

We run short, impactful, interactive sessions on a range of topics, to help participants develop their knowledge and skills around one key area. Choose up to four sessions from a wide range of topics, including coercive control; safety planning; responding to suspected abuse; supporting survivors to access appropriate services; and maintaining professional boundaries.