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Run the London Marathon 2018 for Solace

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Date: April 22nd 2018
Registration Fee: £100
Sponsorship Minimum target: £2500

We are very excited to have a Virgin Money London Marathon place for 2018. The Virgin Money London Marathon is an amazing 26.2 mile route around London’s breathtaking views. Be a part of this historic event and join the 40,000 other runners taking part for different charities and causes.

Please apply for a place by sending your application form to Jessie at fundraising@solacewomensaid.org by Monday the 21st of August.

Or, let us know if you have your own place and would like to run for Solace!

How Solace will support you:
• We can provide fundraising support, materials and tips
• We will send you a breathable Solace running vest
• You will get cheers from the Solace cheering team on the day
• PLUS a special thank you in our e-newsletters

Challenge, Change, Celebrate! Youth Conference 2017

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We are delighted to announce our Youth Conference 2017: Challenge, Change, Celebrate!

Monday 10 July 2017, 5.30-7.30pm, Islington Town Hall

Join us to celebrate the excellent work of Solace’s Children and Young People service who strive to end Violence Against Women and Girls.

We’ll be celebrating with live music, prizes, presentations, activities, incredible food and even better company-YOU!

Hear2Change is our new programme working with 11-25 year olds. These young people will be centre stage on the night; showcasing the project, improving awareness of Solace’s work and inviting the community to get involved in the future.

The conference will take place on Monday 10 July 2017, 5.30-7.30 pm at Islington Town Hall.

Come along to hear young people’s stories and learn more about Solace’s Children and Young People service.

Solace asks MP candidates in London to work to end violence against women & girls

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We’ve been contacting the MP candidates in constituencies across London telling them about domestic and sexual violence and asking them to pledge that, if elected, they will take action on this. Read the full letter below.

Will you work to end violence against women and girls (VAWG)?

We are writing to you as the leading specialist domestic and sexual violence charity which provides services to your constituents. In advance of the election on 8 June 2017 we would like to draw your attention to the scale of violence against women and girls in our community, and to ask you to pledge that if elected you will take action on this.

The scale of domestic and sexual violence

Solace Women’s Aid has provided support to over 11,000 survivors of domestic and sexual violence over the last year in London. 2 women a week are killed by a partner or ex-partner and over 85,000 women are raped each year in the UK.

As well as the human impact, which is felt by whole families, these crimes are very costly to our health service, our criminal justice system and to employers. We believe it is essential that whoever is elected MP for your constituency is knowledgeable about this and pledges to work to end violence against women and girls.

If elected as our local MP, will you:

  • Work to ensure that every woman and girl at risk, including the most marginalised, can get the support she needs, whether it be crisis accommodation, counselling for abuse that happened many years ago or legal advocacy and advice? In recent years, local, women-led support services have faced enormous financial pressure. It is essential that changes are made to the way they are funded if they are to survive, and to continue being a critical source of local expertise and training for those working in public services as well as providers of tailored support to women and girls in need.
  • Address the urgent issue of housing for women seeking safety from domestic and sexual abuse and other forms of VAWG? Housing is not only a practical need for women and children who have to flee domestic and other forms of violence but is integral to beginning to feel safe and being able to move forward with their lives. In London the current housing system is failing women and children fleeing abuse meaning women are forced to remain in an unsafe situation.
  • Work to ensure women with No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) have full access to support while their status is being determined? Many women who don’t have recourse to public funds are particularly vulnerable as leaving an abusive situation would likely make them destitute. It is essential that when fleeing abuse a safety net is in place so they can access the essential support and have the opportunity to determine their status.
  • Work to ensure that women’s rights are protected during Brexit negotiations? It is critical that the many advances in equality and human rights law which benefit women in the UK are protected. The Human Rights Act has been used, for example, to hold to account the police when they have failed families in domestic violence murder cases and trafficking.
  • Work to improve the way the criminal justice system handles crimes of violence against women? We need changes in law and policy around, for example, the use of victim-blaming sexual history evidence in our courts, and ensuring all women have access to legal aid and advocacy for as long as they need it.
  • Work to ensure that all public services, especially the health service, schools and the welfare system, play their part in tackling abuse? Considerable change is needed to ensure that health workers do not miss abuse; that welfare rules do not stigmatise abused women (such as the tax credits rape clause); that the asylum and immigration systems do not deter women from seeking protection; and that schools deliver the best possible Sex and Relationship Education.
  • Demonstrate open and clear local, public leadership on ending violence against women and girls? This matter needs everyone in public life to play a vocal part in naming abuse, prioritising solutions and changing attitudes.

Many thanks for your attention to these important questions and we look forward to hearing from you soon. We will share any answer we receive from you with our networks and on social media.

Yours Sincerely

Mary Mason, CEO, Solace Women’s Aid

Volunteer Newsletter – May

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Volunteers week will be taking place from 1st -7th June this year. Look out for our social media campaign #volunteersweek #solacevolunteers. In this months volunteer newsletter read about our Advice line and find out how you can apply for a volunteer position on our Advice Hub. Read our newsletter on the link below.

Volunteer Newsletter May

Thank you
Volunteer Coordinator

Find out about our Volunteer: Eazmin

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My name is Eazmin Choudhury. I started volunteering for Solace Women’s Aid Advice line in November 2016. I combined this experience with volunteering as a support worker in another organisation. I gained substantial experience and knowledge around Domestic Violence and supporting victims of crime through the training opportunities both organisations offered their volunteers.
Before volunteering at Solace I was a SEN Teaching Assistant supporting children within a school setting. I supported children to overcome barriers to education. Having left the school environment, I always knew that I enjoy working with children and I want to always be in a supporting role.
With the support of my manager, Asalet, I learnt a lot on the Advice line. I was given responsibility and trusted, which gave me the confidence to perform well. The Volunteer Coordinator,  delivered insightful training sessions that allowed me to enhance my performance when taking calls on the Advice line.
I highly recommend volunteering for the Advice team as I learnt so much within such a short amount of time. I met amazing people during my time at Head office, who were really supportive. Having volunteered for Solace for four months, I am now a Family Support Worker at Solace. I would like to thank Solace for looking after their volunteers as it is amazing to see an organisation which celebrates the qualities and achievements of each and every volunteer.

Eazmin Choudhury – Advice Line Volunteer

Eazmin was volunteering at Solace Women’s Aid, Advice line and assisting the team by answering the calls coming to the line, processing agency referrals and self-referrals from SUs. Advice team provides vital services in London with a primary focus on supporting women and children affected by VAWG.

Eazmin’s role included providing advice and support to professionals and SUs.

Eazmin was a quick learner and she has achieved a great deal in a short time of period. She has shown great team work with her interpersonal, communication skills and she settled well in the team. She became a valued member of the team as a volunteer who was always very supportive of the other team members.

With her hard work and openness to feedback, Eazmin used her volunteering experience to improve her practice, gain knowledge and experience in the field. We are very glad for her and also proud of her when she told us she has been offered a family support worker paid role at Solace. I am pleased that her volunteering experience contributed to her success in getting into full time employment.

Asâlet Tulaz (DAPA/ISVA) – Advice Service Manager

Solace welcomes Mayor’s commitment to prioritise tackling shocking levels of domestic and sexual abuse in London

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Solace welcomes Mayor’s commitment to prioritise tackling violence against women & girls in London as shocking level of domestic and sexual crimes approaches 95,000 in 2016


Over 74,000 domestic crimes, 6000 rapes and 11,000 other sexual offences were recorded by police in London in 2016 and it is estimated only a small proportion are reported to police.  The new plan from the Mayor’s Office for Police & Crime aims to combat these horrific rates of domestic and sexual violence in the capital. Solace welcomes this pledge, including the focus on improving responses to those who report to the Police and seek justice through the Criminal Justice Service and the commitment to continue funding vital Rape Crisis London services.


Many survivors, the large majority of whom are women and girls, do not report violence and abuse for reasons including fear and shame and concerns about the impact on those around them. Whether a woman decides to report violence and abuse or not, it is essential that she has the option to access to specialist support such as counselling, which Solace and the Rape Crisis London organisations provide.


Mary Mason, CEO of Solace Women’s Aid says:

We are pleased that Sadiq Khan and his office recognise just how important our services are, not only to help women through the criminal justice system if they choose that route, but also to help women recover from horrendous trauma. Solace has supported over 11,000 survivors in London this past year alone, but as we face more and more survivors reaching out, budget cuts, and insecure funding, our services are stretched far beyond capacity. We hope that the Mayor’s commitment to survivors in London leads to secure, long-term provision of Rape Crisis London and other life-saving services, so no one is turned away.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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We’d like to wish everyone a Happy International Women’s Day!

We know that women and children in London wouldn’t be able to access life-saving support if it wasn’t for our incredible supporters – whether that’s by coming along to an event, making a donation, volunteering your time or helping us raise awareness. There is still more to be done, still more women and children living in fear for their lives. At Solace we are dedicated to ensuring everyone in London has the support they need to live free from abuse – and with continued support we can make this happen!

Volunteer Newsletter – March

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Happy International Women’s day to everyone. During this month our volunteers will be attending the Women of the World festival and other International Women’s day events. Please do remember to take pictures and #solacevolunteers & #BeBoldForChange on twitter and other social media sites. Remember to take some needed time out for yourself and indulge in some self care.

Read March edition of the Volunteer Newlsetter

Thank you
Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Newsletter – January

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I hope everyone had a great time over the festive holiday season. There are loads of new exciting opportunties to look forward to this year. We have taken on the feedback from our volunteers and staff who support volunteers and we will be including a new self care training session. I would also like to congratulate Izzy & Amanda our volunteers who have recieved paid positions at Solace. Before I start to talk about all the new upcoming opportunties do read the volunteers newsletter and especially about the awards ceremony.

Read January’s Volunteer Newsletter

Thank you
Volunteer Coordinator

Find out about our Volunteer: Cinzia

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After a Linguistics & Literature education my interest for languages, other people’s cultures and lives including my current partner brought me to the UK, where I have developed an extensive professional career in Content/Information Management & Research. I have spend over 15 years in the corporate sector, and while I have thoroughly enjoyed my work experience there, I always knew that I needed more.

Student of the humanities that I have been coupled with my personal attitude and awareness towards social issues, have inspired me to start volunteering, to make a change in the community.

There are many causes worth fighting for but being a woman I wanted to focus my attention to helping women develop their full potential, empowering them in their fight against violence, sexism and injustice. I started volunteering with my local branch of Women’s Aid and then, in August 2016 when I saw the opportunity advertised for a “Training and Group Work Admin” based in Southwark, I have applied for the role at Solace Women’s Aid. I was extremely happy when I was selected for this volunteering opportunity as this meant that I could carry on focusing on addressing issues related to domestic and sexual violence in a more advisory role where training and counselling (the closest I can get to this is in the groups) would play a major part. Working with a different charity and in another borough increases my perspective and exposure within the field of domestic and sexual violence.

I am currently co-facilitating for the Arise and ABC (Assertiveness, Boundaries, Confidence) Groups, and I have learned so much from the experienced facilitator and all other colleagues in the office. I am learning a lot from the women in the groups and feel so honoured that they let me in their private life and personal experiences. When the end of the groups’ sessions approach I am the one who feels really empowered when I see how a woman grows and becomes again her own individual self, herself empowered and stronger. I know that I still have a lot to learn, and I like this. No day is like the other, always challenging and evolving. I believe that we never stop learning as learning is part of life, learning & development should be made more accessible to people.

I have taken advantage of all the training sessions made available to me as a volunteer because I want to be fully equipped with all the tools I need to help women who are survivors of domestic abuse. Soon I will be attending classes towards the NOCN qualification and I can’t wait. I am so grateful to Solace Women’s Aid for allowing me to be of assistance while at the same time I develop my own self-confidence and keep feeding the desire to working towards a world free of violence and abuse for all women and girls.

PS What you see is not a picture of me but of my beloved cat Otis.

Cinzia Fumagalli – Training and Group Work Admin Volunteer

Cinzia has been volunteering with Southwark SASS since August 2016 and has established herself as a valued member of the Southwark team. Cinzia started as an administration volunteer, but had expressed interest of working face to face with service users in an emotionally supportive role.

Cinzia volunteered to co facilitate the domestic abuse awareness programme ARISE and ABC (Assertiveness, Boundaries and Confidence) and has completed both programmes. She has grown in confidence when interacting with the women and is developing her knowledge around the dynamics of domestic abuse and how to use this knowledge to empower the group attendees.

Cinzia is a reliable, dedicated, attentive, a passionate learner and pleasure to work with. I personally wish her all the best and hope she continues to develop her skills.

Syreeta Loney – Interim Group Worker