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Racing Against Violence

Racing Against Violence

Racing Against Violence is a team of dedicated individuals who come together to support Solace by taking part in challenge events, pushing themselves to the next step.


The team’s target for the year is £6,000. This could pay for essential items such as basic food and toiletries for women and children who arrive at refuges with very little of their own. Donating is easy by just clicking the button below. You can give a one off amount or choose to provide ongoing funding through smaller but regular sums.


This year the team has a number of places at Royal Parks Half Marathon. Some team members have already committed to walking, running or cycling in challenge events to raise vital funds for Solace. Pick your favourite event and be part of the Racing Against Violence team.

Contact Jessie on fundraising@solacewomensaid.org for more information, in you need any extra support and to get your challengers vest.

Click below if you want to set up your separate fundraising page.

Lucy Varanda Marathon
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