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Counselling is an opportunity for you to speak one-to-one with a supportive professional about your personal and emotional difficulties due to domestic or sexual violence. This could be an issue from the past, present or anything that worries you about the future. It is a safe environment to explore and sort-out problems in order to find a more fulfilling and happier way of living.

“The therapy has helped me profoundly, it was a painful journey but positive for self awareness and growth. I have become stronger and have started deeply treasuring and respecting my life.”

Samina, 36.

Service Information

Service Locations
The Counselling Service is delivered from a variety of venues across London.
Opening Hours
Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm with some late appointments available out of hours.
Contact Details
Either call us on 020 7619 1360, or send us an email at counselling@solacewomensaid.org.

Our Counselling Services at Solace

Face to face counselling

This consists of 16 free weekly sessions of 50 minutes each with a specialist counsellor to explore your issues as a result from domestic or sexual violence, even if it happened as a child a long time ago or if it is recent.

Confidence Building Workshops

Four times a year, for 5 weeks, we deliver workshops to allow you to meet other women, make friends, share experience and start to rebuild your confidence and self-esteem in a supportive environment.

Therapeutic Group

If you have finished your face-to-face counselling, this group will help you continue with your therapy as a way to explore in more depth the issues you are facing.

Women’s Support Group

We organise a regular meeting group to help you explore themes such as “developing self worth”, “how to manage stress and anxiety” “boundaries in relationships” and these take place in a relaxed and safe environment with other women.

Other useful websites

Our counselling team offers free counselling to women and girls 16+. If you would like to find a qualified counsellor privately you can visit www.counselling-directory.org.uk