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Children, young people & family services

The children, young people and family services are there to help you and your child come to terms with the violence you have experienced.

Therapeutic, individual and group support will allow your child to explore their feelings about what they have experienced or seen or heard and to help you to understand how your child has been affected by violence.

Over 70% of the refuge population in the UK are children under the age of 14.

Our range of services can help you understand the impact of violence on your family and can support you both to be safe and throughout your recovery.

Service Details

Service Locations
The children, young people and family services are delivered from a variety of venues across London. Please see Where we Operate for details of specific services in each borough.
Opening Hours
Services are available at specific times Mon – Fri 10am – 5pm.
Contact Details
Call us on 020 7619 1350 or send us an email at info@solacewomensaid.org.

Our children, young people & family services at Solace

Art, dance, drama and children’s therapy

Using art & drama, we will help children and young people to express their emotional and behavioural difficulties caused by their experience of violence and/or abuse in a safe environment amongst their peers or in an individual session.

Family support in refuges

Family Support Workers and Play Workers can provide practical and emotional support to you and your children within our refuges. They offer play sessions for under-fives, afterschool support sessions, and individual and group sessions to help children with what they’ve been through.

Advocacy for children and young people

Our Children and Young People Advocate, based in hospital settings, provides coordinated, holistic support to help you and your family navigate relevant specialist services after experiencing sexual abuse.

Groups for parenting

We run group programmes including ARISE, Parallel Programme and Picking Up the Pieces, which provide a safe place for you to explore parenting after domestic abuse and the impact of domestic abuse on your children. The groups allows you to develop the strength and resilience to help you and your children recover and rebuild your lives.

Prevention work in schools

Designed in partnership with young people, we offer training to young people and professionals to become champions in their schools and local communities. Course participants gain an understanding of the different types of Violence Against Women & Girls (VAWG), how to safely challenge abusive behaviour and access sources of support.

“The therapy sessions have helped me understand my son’s worries and all the things he witnessed and had to go through. He didn’t use to talk to anyone and could be really aggressive – now he’s confident and outgoing – he’s changed a lot.”

Other Useful Websites

The Hideout – For children and young people affected by domestic and sexual violence.

Child Line (NSPCC) – A help line for children and young people.