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I’m being abused, what shall I do?

Recognising that you are being abused is an important step. You may feel you need time to think about your situation. Or perhaps you have already made up your mind to leave. Whatever you decide, your safety is always the priority.

If you are being abused it is important to remember:

  • You are not alone.
  • Domestic and sexual violence is against the law.
  • It is not your fault. You are not responsible for the abuser’s behaviour.
  • There are things you can do to protect yourself.
  • We are here to help you.

In emergencies call the police on 999


Keeping Yourself Safe

Please click on the links below for more information on keeping yourself safe
Keeping Yourself Safe
Once The Relationship Has Ended

Other Useful websites

National Women’s Aid – Click for 24 hr domestic violence helpline.

Rape Crisis – Supporting sexual violence services nationally.

Childline (NSPCC) – Help line for children and young people.

The Hideout – For young survivors of domestic violence.

Men’s Advice Line – For male victims of domestic & sexual violence.

Broken Rainbow – For Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) victims of domestic & sexual violence

Do you need help? Call us now on free phone 0808 802 5565