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Legal services

Our Legal Service can offer you free legal advice and representation if you have been affected by domestic or sexual violence. We can help you take out legal orders to keep you and your family safe and the abuser away from your home.We can also help you with any issues around child contact and divorce proceedings whether your abuser is prosecuted or not.

Many women are at increased risk of violence if there are child contact concerns.
“When I got to the refuge I was so exhausted – I never thought he would try and take my children away.The legal team at Solace helped me prove that I was the victim – their support was vital in keeping my family together and keeping us all safe.”

Emma, 36.

Service Details

Service Locations
Our Legal Service has 2 offices based in Kentish Town and Southwark.
Opening Hours
Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm.
Contact Details
Call us on 020 7619 1352 or send us an email at legal@solacewomensaid.org.

Our Legal Services at Solace


If there is any conflict in respect of your children we can help you get court orders to protect them as well as representing you in court over child contact disputes.


Where there is a threat that children may be removed from the parents’ care we will represent you at court and make any representations on your behalf.


We are able to make emergency applications when you require urgent court intervention to protect yourself and your family. We are fully qualified to act as your lawyer.

Divorce / Finance

Once a marriage or relationship breaks down, it is an emotional and difficult time for everyone involved. Once the decision is made to proceed with divorce then we will make all the necessary applications on your behalf as efficiently as possible advising you fully at each stage of your case.