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A refuge is a safe space where you and your children can stay. It is a new safe, temporary home for you and your children, with experienced and specialist staff who will provide you with individual support. We want you to be safe and to stay safe and we can help you to find new permanent accommodation and recover from your experiences.

As you can see from the photo below, you will be in a place of your own, with space for your children and everything you need to move on in your life. This photo only shows one room in a refuge, all refuges are different and we cannot promise that yours will look like this one but each refuge is safe and clean with support services to help you.


Picture Refuge Solace Women's Aid

Service Details

Service Locations
Our refuges are available across London at a number of confidential locations.
Opening Hours
The service can be accessed Mon – Frid 9am – 6pm.
Contact Details
Call us on 020 7619 1350 or send us an email at info@solacewomensaid.org.

What can I expect from a refuge?

  • You will be appointed a Support Worker who will provide you with practical and emotional support such as applying for benefits, housing applications, counselling, legal options and help you to access local services including health services, schools and nurseries.


  • You will have your own room shared with your children.


  • In many refuges you will share a kitchen, bathroom and lounge with other families and children who are also escaping violence.
Over 50,000 women & children in the UK access refuges each year.
  • You will be free to move in and out of the refuge at your convenience but will also have to respect the house rules. House rules are there to make sure you and everyone else is safe and secure as well as creating a comfortable, relaxed and respectful environment.


  • You and your children will have the opportunity to go on outings and take part in a range of different activities throughout your stay in the refuge and will be offered other services available to all our residents.

Refuge Photo Solace Women's Aid

Specialist Refuges at Solace

Solas Anois

Solas Anois is the only Irish and Irish Traveller specialist refuge in the UK. Our refuge staff have the knowledge and expertise to offer Irish and Irish Traveller women and their children the advice and support they need, a safe place to stay and an opportunity to live their lives free from domestic violence.

Asha Projects

Asha offer safe refuge accommodation for South Asian women and their children fleeing domestic violence. We can provide you and your children with advice and support throughout your stay and help with housing so that when you are ready you can live independently.

Complex Needs

Our specialist refuge provision is for women fleeing sexual/domestic violence who, in addition, have mental health and past or present drug and alcohol support needs. We provide a 24-hour service with additional outreach and specialist parenting support

“I was nervous and quiet when I first came to the refuge with my children and had no idea what to expect. I only knew that we had to be safe. After a week or so, I got used to the house and started talking to the other women and found out they were just like me – frightened and worried sick about what had happened.”