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Solace Services in:


Telephone: 020 7593 1290

Service Details


The Solace Advocacy and Support Service provides independent advocates to support men and women aged 16 or over, affected by domestic and sexual abuse. We also provide support on safety, housing, going to court, benefits, health and immigration issues and can refer you to any relevant specialist services.

Sanctuary Scheme

The Sanctuary Scheme is designed to prevent someone affected by domestic abuse from becoming homeless as a result. The scheme provides security works to a home, ranging from changing locks to the installation of an internal ‘safe room’, allowing women to stay in their homes.

Family & Children’s Support Services

Our Family and Children’s Support service offers therapeutic support to help children and young people explore their feelings about their experience of abuse. The service also involves a support group for mothers.


The IRIS (Identification and Referral to Improve Safety) service offers training for clinical and non-clinical staff in GP surgeries to recognise and respond safely to domestic abuse. Subsequently, survivors can be referred to an IRIS advocates for further support.


Our Women’s Resilience and Awareness Programme involves a range of support groups, workshops and courses that support women affected by domestic and sexual abuse to build their confidence and take care of their wellbeing.

Peer Support

We have a dedicated team of survivors who are trained to offer regular 1-1 support for women who are currently experiencing abuse.


We offer training to professionals, councillors and community organisations to develop their awareness and understanding of domestic and sexual abuse.


We equip individuals across Southwark to be domestic abuse champions in their workplaces and communities. This involves training on understanding domestic and sexual abuse, it’s impact and how to assist victims to access appropriate support.

Perpetrator Intervention Work

We work with perpetrators to support them change and help them develop non-abusive behaviour and healthy relationships.


Our Advice service offers short term support to women affected by domestic and sexual abuse living in London. We provide immediate advice and can refer women on to safe refuge accommodation, longer term advocacy support, counselling or specialist children’s services.


Our counselling service offers emotional support to women aged 16 and over who have been affected by domestic and sexual abuse in an intimate relationship. Sessions are offered during the day or in the evening.

Legal Services

Our Legal Service offers free legal advice and representation for women affected by domestic and sexual abuse. This includes court orders for protection, divorce proceedings and child contact disputes.


We manage refuges across London providing safe accommodation and ongoing support for women and children fleeing domestic abuse.

The Silver Project

The Silver Project supports women aged 55 and over who have experienced domestic or sexual abuse find a new life free from abuse. It may have happened over many years and we recognise the particular obstacles women may face when trying to get help and involve other agencies.

Irish & Irish Traveller Service

We have many years experience working with the Irish Traveller community helping families to flee abuse. We provide emotional and practical support, advice and advocacy or we can find you and your children safe accommodation.