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How do I know I’m being abused?

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell; in the beginning it can make you feel like you’re going crazy. If you are frightened of your partner or have had to start changing your behaviour to avoid making him angry it’s possible that you are experiencing abuse.


We’ve made a list of some of the most common warning signs of domestic violence. Remember that everyone’s experience of violence is different; if you don’t see anything in this list that relates to you but you still have some doubts about your situation please give us a call on 0808 802 5565.


  • Does he often criticise you, shout at you or humiliate you?
  • Is he often jealous or possessive?
  • Does he hurt you or threaten to hurt you or other people, even himself, if you say you want to leave the relationship?
  • Do you change your behaviour out of fear and to avoid making him angry?
  • Does he control your money, what you wear or where you go?
  • Does he stop you from seeing your family or your friends?
  • Does he force you to have sex when you don’t want to?
  • Does he blame you for his abuse and say it’s your fault?

“He completely isolated me from my friends and family and as the abuse became physical he would back me into a corner, punching my upper arms and thighs.” Amy, 28

What Others Have Experienced

“After my daughter grew up and left home my husband became more physically violent towards me, hitting me and bashing me against the wall rarely left marks that I could complain about to anyone even if I’d wanted to. I put up with this for 36 years and eventually walked out at the age of 60 and sought help.”

Mary, 63.

“I was hit all the time by my husband for years; one beating lasted 3 hours and he locked the children upstairs so they couldn’t try and stop him but they heard everything. I kept moving but was tracked down all the time, I needed to go to a refuge for protection for my family. Finally, we felt safe.”

Agnieska, 32.
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