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Celebrating 40 years of securing a safer future

Make a donation today to help us realise our vision of supporting thousands more survivors of domestic and sexual violence, ensuring they can live their lives free from abuse. Your support can help us provide vital services to end abuse

Find out more about all the ways you can help us raise vital funds we need to continue to develop high quality services to support more women and children

Become a corporate supporter and make a real difference to the lives of so many women and children who are affected by domestic and sexual abuse in the capital.

We started 40 years ago, when our first two refuges were supporting just 40 women. Since then we have supported over 60,000 survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.

Yet demand for our services continues to grow as domestic and sexual violence is discussed more and more in the media and survivors feel more confident in coming forward and disclosing their own experiences. 

This is why we have set a target of £40,000 in additional donations for this 40th anniversary year.The appeal will help us realise our vision of reaching out to over 10,000 more survivors of domestic and sexual violence a year.

A gift of £4 a month
could help provide a mother who has escaped domestic violence with childcare so she can access our vital services.
A gift of £40
could pay towards life-changing counselling sessions to help a woman recover from abuse.
A gift of £140
could help pay for a child to attend our regular art therapy sessions to help them cope after witnessing domestic or sexual violence

Help us raise an additional £40,000 for our 40th year

Find out more about our 40 year history and our plans for the future or help spread the word @solacewomensaid #solace40