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Service User Involvement

Solace is committed to women and children having a central voice within the organisation in order to be able to provide continuously improving services. We believe that service user involvement is important because services that better reflect and take into account the experience, needs and feedback of their users are more likely to be effective; and that service users are the best people to determine how to ensure those needs continue to be met. Solace Women’s Aid’s Service User Involvement goes beyond consultation. It encompasses meaningful participation that informs management decisions, planning and delivery of services and policy development

About Service User Involvement

Service User Forum meetings: This forum is an open meeting for all women accessing Solace Women’s Aid services to provide feedback and ideas to members of the senior management team.


Staff recruitment: For all senior management roles and all staff roles responsible for service user involvement activities, there will be service user involvement in the recruitment process.

Service User Advisory Group: This group is a representative group of service users that meet regularly to provide ideas and feedback to the board of trustees on policies, strategy and service delivery.


Bi-annual service user newsletter: This is produced by and for service users.


Regular drop-in sessions: These meetings are service-user led and allow Solace teams to share information with service users and answer questions and discuss any issues or concerns.

Service User Survey Results 2016

Each October Solace Women’s Aid conducts an annual service user survey across all its services. Over the period of four weeks, all service users are asked to complete a questionnaire to evaluate the service they are using at that time. Here are some of the highlights of this report which was completed by 323 for 2016. Overall, of the service users that responded:

  • 98% would recommend the service to a friend or relative

  • 98% said their key worker was easy to talk to

  • 96% rated the service to be good or excellent

  • 94% said that the service helped them feel more confident

  • 92% reported that the service helped them feel safer

  • 91% said that the service helped them feel less isolated

  • 88% reported feeling more in control of their future

“It was really nice how the professionals that I met treated myself and the other service users as equals and I felt really listened to.”