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Journey from abuse to recovery

Thanks to the generous help of our supporters, service users and Woodhouse TV, Solace has released an awe-inspiring video conveying just how we help survivors of domestic and sexual violence on their journey from abuse to recovery and independence.

Many people think that removing women and children from the immediate control of an abusive man solves the problem of domestic and sexual abuse. Solace knows this is often only the first step for many survivors. Our recent research indicated that over 90% experienced post-separation abuse, and that there is a critical need for specialist support for women and children in the period after leaving an abusive situation.

We offer survivors vital on-going support that is tailored to individual need, listening to and believing every woman or child who asks for help. This is highly effective in helping them to recover and rebuild their lives. However, we urgently need to raise funds to allow to us to provide this level of support through our holistic services, however long it takes to help survivors build independent lives free from abuse.

Jacqui’s story

The video tells the story of women like Jacqui, who suffered horrific sexual, physical and psychological abuse from her then partner. Following a particularly brutal attack, when he broke her arm, she knew she had to reach out to get support so contacted Solace.

“I just needed to talk and it was such a relief not to be judged, to break the secrecy that had been surrounding it. I knew this was my way out.”

From here Jacqui was assigned a specialist worker who supported her throughout her three-year journey with Solace. The practical and emotional help she received was life-changing and allowed her go on to live an independent, happy and successful life.

“I’d like to say to the team at Solace, my words will never be enough to thank you for giving me my life back”

Jacqui has been through the long and challenging journey of rebuilding her life, but there are thousands of women who are in desperate need of support to start their journey of recovery. You can help Solace to provide more women, like Jacqui, with the vital, life-saving services they need in their journey from abuse to recovery.