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Playing the Way to Recovery


 The Big Give Christmas Challenge: Playing the Way to Recovery

You can support 277 children living in Solace’s refuges.

Last year, Solace ran a campaign through The Big Give; Making a House a Home. It raised over £10,000 transforming Solace’s refuges, making women and children feel more at home. The project supported 100 women and children. This year you can support children to reclaim their childhood. Make a pledge today.

We are taking part in The Big Give Christmas Campaign again this year with a new project; Playing the Way to Recovery. The project will provide play work for the children who live in Solace’s refuges, because in 62% of domestic violence households the children will also experience abuse. With 60% of children believing they are to blame, and 52% will experience behavioural problems.

You can change these numbers. You can change children’s lives.

Play work is vital to a child’s recovery. It will reintroduce children into a positive environment, breaking their isolation. It will give them their childhood back. If you would like more information on the work that will be done visit the project page on the Big Give page. We need you to help raise £20,000 to provide a play worker who will provide support for 277 children in a year.

Your donation will be doubled by The Childhood Trust and a private donor. Your £5 could become £10. Your £20 will become £40. Your £50 will be £100. Making an even bigger differences to the lives of children in London. We need you to make a donation between Midday on 28th of November and Midday on the 5th of December.

Make the pledge to support Playing the Way to Recovery today

Put in your email address and we will send you a reminder email when the campaign opens, and a report after 6 months and 1 year so you can hear how your donation helped 277 children.