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The Amari project for sexually exploited women

The Amari project

The Amari project is a pan-London second stage accommodation service for women who have been sexually exploited through trafficking or prostitution.

What can we offer?

Second stage flats

  • 12-18 months stay in accommodation
  • Emotional and practical support
  • Preparation for independent living
  • 3 months resettlement support to longer term accommodation

Making a referral

Referral criteria

  • Single women or those with a child under 2
  • Age 18+
  • Have been sexually exploited through prostitution or trafficking
  • Have been living successfully in 1st stage accommodation i.e. managing tenancy, adhering to house rules and engaging in support
  • Have access to public funds
  • Have exited prostitution or trafficking situation
  • Have a proven willingness to actively engage in support programmes, including 1-1 and group work
  • Willing to engage in employment, education or training programmes
  • Willing to work towards resettlement into more permanent/ long-term housing

We welcome referrals for those with:

  • problematic substance use issues who are actively receiving support and working towards recovery
  • mental health needs who are accessing support or willing to access support for these needs

Referral process

All referrals must be from agencies and require consent from the woman.  Referrals will undergo a thorough assessment process. To make a referral please complete the form below and submit to the Amari project by email amari@solacewomensaid.org.

Amari Project Referral Form

The Amari Project is an action learning project between Solace Women’s Aid and Commonweal. The 2nd stage flats are leased to Solace from Commonweal in order to provide good quality housing and support to some of the most marginalised women in London. Commonweal work to create housing projects with bespoke services for occupiers who are enduring social injustice.

Supported by London Councils